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Waterfall designs,

combining styles & functioning of water..

A waterfall is a place where water flows over a vertical drop or a series of steep

drops in the course of a stream or river.Waterfalls also occur where melt water

drops over the edge of a tabular iceberg or ice shelf.

We are one of the leading suppliers of Outdoor & Indoor Water Falls And Garden Water Falls, along with Garden Water falls which has the ability of getting installed anywhere according to the client’s requirements. They can be variably installed at sidewalls, main entrance, adjoining glass windows, and pillars.


Our project video

Water Sheet Fountains, Crafted Water Fountains, Outdoor Water Fountains and

Laminar Jet Fountains. It also includes Misting Fountains, Sculptural Water Spouts,

Water Falls and Steel Pools, Water Fall On To Glass and Fountain with glass aquarium manufacturer

Description: The sequential phases described in the Waterfall model are:

1. Requirement Gathering- All possible requirements are captured in product

requirement documents.

2. Analysis Read - the requirement and based on analysis define the schemas,

models and business rules.

3. System Design -- Based on analysis design the software architecture.

4. Implementation Development of the software in the small units with

functional testing.

5. Integration and Testing Integrating of each unit developed in previous

phase and post integration test the entire system for any faults.

6. Deployment of system - Make the product live on production environment

after all functional and nonfunctional testing completed.

7. Maintenance Fixing issues and release new version with the issue patchesas required.

Lawn & grass

Landscaping service

  • We are doing such as an attractive landscaping with water fountains and as per the location of the places.We are here to planning and architecture  designing team that make you environment as good as beauty,we do our work as in :

  • 1. Park /Outdoor Landscape 2. Landscape Garden 3. School/College Landscape 4. Commercial Landscape 5. Corporate Landscape 6. Zoo Landscape 7. Residential Landscape 8. Lawn/Resort etc.

  • Our work :

  • • Lawn Turfing

  • • Site Restoration

  • • Terrace Garden

  • • Vertical Garden

  • • Professional Gardening

  • • Artificial Grass Landscape

Topiary sculpture

Topiary sculpture

Landscape  Design-is the art of arranging these elements (see diagram, right) to make good outdoor space. ... The public park is an area of overlap - and the origin of the landscape architecture profession. Our landscape

Designers influence Natural Processes, Social Processes and Aesthetic Processes.Any action taken as part of a highway construction project or as a separate action to enhance the esthetic of a highway through the placement of plant materials consistent with a landscape design plan. Seeding undertaken for erosion control and planting vegetation for screening purposes shall not constitute a landscaping project.

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