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Tropical design aquarium..

Aquarium is a relaxation water setup that people keeps in their houses,If you keep an aquarium at your home or any other places like restaurant ,Hotels and Offices there look out the people their attention is in the glass and fish is in inside roaming,So in Rs Creation have a new technology that we use in tank and their setup that is the maintenance of water and keep healthy fishes in clean and clear so we do such as this task in project we observe the environment of the water and suggest the theme where the fish or the varieties of fishes will live.a 4 setup we do in every tank - have a look -

1 . Making attractive tank in glass

2 . Making environment interior like rocks,caves,and sand fall to look interior good.

3 . Keeping a related fishes that live as good in this             environment.

4 . Making a bio filter system that keep water with minerals and bio effective that water is in balance and fresh and old.


Have a look our gallery / video..

Here is a gallery of some tank that you can order us to make.We customized all type of fish tank's in regards of places and clients needs that how exactly they want.

Coffee table aquarium

Commercial aquarium

  • Hospital aquarium

  • Commercial aquarium

  • Tropical aquarium

  • Hotel aquarium

  • Bar aquarium

  • Reception aquarium

  • Spa aquarium

  • Theme park aquarium

  • Hotel aquarium

Residential aquarium

  • See through aquarium

  • Floor aquarium

  • Planted aquarium

  • Koi pond aquarium

  • Custom aquarium

  • Coffee table aquarium

Coffee table aquarium

  • this one is the best things to take a food and enjoy the water and fishes,we make like this types of Center table fish tank with internal filter system and a little setup to look great from the top.we put light of focus from the side and give an island decor that client exactly want We do not compromise with the glass and feature or decorative product.Our making process is that we design first and then we suggest the client that we are going to make something different 

Acrylic bubble wall

Our product & design

  • Built with our Aqua-Arts technology, Bubble Walls are completely sealed, airtight units and water never comes into contact with the air. Aqua-Arts water features meet or exceed all FGI regulations concerning water features in Health Care environments. In addition to the safety aspect, Bubble Walls are mesmerizing gorgeous and have become one of our most popular design styles.

  • Air bubbles are released through a column of water creating a captivating effect as they rise to the top.Color changing  HIGH ANIMATION LED lights, which are a standard feature, illuminate the bubbles as they move through the panel.  All Aqua-Arts Bubble Walls come with a “Aqua-arts Controller” which manages the release of the air bubbles to create mesmerizing bubble release patterns.

  • Rs - Creation has developed many cutting edge and proprietary effects for our bubble walls.  These include variable air release mechanisms, custom control programs that sequence the bubbles and lights together, and automated fill and filter systems that reduce maintenance. There are many design aspects such as equipment location and panel size limitations to consider when designing your Bubble Wall. Be sure to speak to a Aqua-Arts Account Manager as early in the process as possible.

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