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Bird perches!

Our firm deals are in Aquarium accessories and other product. We specialize in the making of birds perch in different shapes and sizes and different heights, we supply in various places take several orders, in this product we add features like feed bowl as per the theme of the bird perch and keep playful items like a stair, hanging rope playing base and lots of more, So have a look and call us to make the perch of your imagination or also

can contact us on our cell phone and can call us by and free call icon.

How we design the PVC bird perch?

First, we make a pdf design of perch in various shapes and angle then we fit all the pipes step by steps as per the according to of the pdf then we put numeric stamps that clients can easily assemble after delivered. All are fully systematic and the feature we add like playfully toys that birds almost play with and chew.

Sizes and designs are available that people can take as per the space of their houses.

If any types of breeds of birds you have do not worry about that we can create as per the breeds of birds whether its big or small tame birds,

We are easily transported anywhere with fully assemble or without. I am actually based in Kolkata and making this kind of birds perch with full needful things of birds so the feature's we give in the perch are -

Feeding cups, Swing, Toys, Tray, Sheds that look so attractive and fantastic to make such a good environment for the bird.

Thanks for reading and be a part of us.

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