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We offer the largest selection of creative products.

Dear visitor we are here to help you with the Decorative items we make,We customized water related product like : BIRD PERCH,BUBBLE WATER WALL,GLASS  AQUARIUM,COFFEE TABLE AQUARIUM,WIRE TREE SCULPTURE,WATER CREATIVE FOUNTAIN,GARDEN POND,3D QUILL FRAME ,3D ORIGAMI PRODUCT,Specially we are the wholesaler of aquarium fishes and their equipment.


Rs creation deals in the product of,

CUSTOM AQUARIUM- wooden aquarium that we customize as per location & themes with interior decor or without so you can see the pictures of project in our aquarium page.we also deal in oversea molded aquarium's & their accessories.

BUBBLE WATER WALL - acrylic bubble wall is the water & bubble combination that attract your mind & give a relaxation feels.

STONE BEADS WIRE TREE - tree showpieces is different way to decor in house or gift some one but the tree which we are making is fully wire sculpture in various sizes & shapes so have a look in home decor page.

GARDEN SCAPE - we are dealing with the landscape and vertical gardens in firm,trying to provide an unique design's to the clients that they imagine,we have a team in bhopal to fulfill the need of our clients.we have put some images in gardenscape page.

BIOFLOC PRODUCT'S - fish & fish farming is a huge running business in biofloc & according to this we keep the biofloc accessories to maintain the fish farming field like we have air pums,air stone's,air silicon pipes,biofloc cylinder & a lots of more so click and call us for make an order.

FISHFEEDS - we supply fish food for tropical aquarium fishes & other foods for biofloc fishes in bags,we deals in tokiyo,azoo,optimum,turtle food,osaki,humpy head,carpmax,tigeron,de-hues,nutriva & other varieties of fish foods.

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HOW WE WORK WITH OUR CLIENT ?                 

In any types of project's or any types of accessories when our client buy from us or order some decorative product like custom aquarium,infinity mirror & coffee table tank so in that moment we define the things to our client of that product what they buy and what its feature's that we will provide,when client done the deal to complete an order so in before we give a pdf design to make final conformation,if all are ok with the deal then we make a price quoat & etc.


Nowadays we are not taking payments through payment gateway so it is possible to make a payment gateway in further days so now we are take payments in our bank account directly with payment snapshot to take a proof that our client make payment to us & we have also a proof that we get payment by our clients.


when our client order a small products like aquarium accessories on that time we use DTDC / LOCAL COURIER,or when then client make a big orders like and aquarium or some big pump for pond then


deliver safe and easy.

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